Visiting Venice

Note before reading: Get your priorities straight when planning your trip. If you have difficulty walking, dislike trying food you’re not familiar with, or already have some fixed expectation of Venice then this blog may not be very helpful. The tours described here are fairly adventurous and involves walking of at least 3 – 4 miles. Keep in mind, vehicles (bicycles - in the historic center) are not allowed in Venice.

The Gardens of Villa Melzi, Bellagio

The Dodge's Palace

Morning Walk in Venice

Walking around Como, Italy

Lake Como Part 2

Bellagio - Gardens

Dreamy Niagara, Ontario

Art Institute of Chicago

Dreaming Chicago!

8 Hours in London!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Holocaust Museum - Miami Beach, FL

Blue Ridge Parkway

Remembering Newport Beach, CA

🎩 Thinking Las Vegas!

From the Mountain to the Beach