Get It Together

11 Nov, 2016 Greyvalley
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IN MY HOUSEHOLD -- I have always been vocal about who I supported and continue to support during the election. My kids watched all the debates, followed the news, and gave their own opinion about how they feel. There were doubts, fear and anger. My husband and I listened to them, afterall these are the future voters who will decide who will lead them 5-10 from now.

After midnight on Tuesday (Nov. 8, 2016), there were mixed emotions in the household... My oldest looked bothered and worried; mumbling, "So, what are we going to do now? Are we moving to Canada?" You probably know who she was supporting. The others except my youngest -- he was already sleeping, were equally bothered. I understand why. And frankly, I was too! I am an immigrant. My husband is an immigrant-- not just that, he is a MUSLIM.

You may say, it's fine. Nothing is going to happen. Sure, why don't you walk in OUR SHOES!


My husband and I sat down with them, calmly I said:

"We will stand strong. It does not matter who the President is. We will continue to love and respect who we always have, especially the Officers of the Law, the Soldiers who protect our nation, the ELECTED officials, citizens of all RACES, GENDER/ ORIENTATION and RELIGION! We will continue with our responsibilities, civic and civil duties all the same. Somethings may change outside but we will cope. We live in a Democratic country," (interrupted by my political strategist son -- "a republic too"), "we will live in peace! You will continue to strive and be good students, you will play Football, Soccer, go on debates and play music... nothing in this household will radically change!"

I could see they were still a little unsure. But I will continue to tell them and assure them because the words that comes out of my mouth are the words they will live by when they grow up and follow their own path!

Let's Try this New CMS

10 Nov, 2016 Greyvalley
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Let's do this!

I have been looking for a CMS that is so light my son can understand it. I have been using and making my own WordPress themes since 2007. I love it! Maybe because I have been using it for a long time.

At work I use Zend so I am used to heavy weight Content Management Systems.

The content editor looks like GHOST, which I love because it is very easy. This one though has a lot more functionalities and plugins.